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Cone Beam Scanner – Westfield, NJ

Detailed Images for Higher Quality Treatment

Male patient standing in cone beam scanner in Westfield

Accurate diagnosis plays a pivotal role in high quality dental treatment. Your dentist must have detailed information about your oral health and oral anatomy before they recommend any treatments or embark on a complex procedure. Dr. Weinman recognizes that, which is why he has invested in a cone beam scanner. In the sections that follow, you will learn more about this remarkable piece of technology and how it can enhance your experience in our office.

What Is the Cone Beam Scanner?

A cone beam scanner may also be called a cone beam CT scanner, or simply a CBCT machine. It uses a cone-shaped beam of radiation (the same type of radiation used in normal X-Rays) to produce incredibly detailed, three dimensional images of a patient’s oral anatomy. It can capture invaluable information about the teeth, jaw, nerves, and connective tissues.

The scanning process is quick and noninvasive. After a member of our team positions you within the machine, you will need to stay still while its arm rotates around you. Dr. Weinman will have instant access to the images captured by the machine.

Uses of the Cone Beam Scanner

Dentist placing dental implant after examining CBCT scan

Unlike a regular X-Ray, we do not use the CBCT scanner as part of routine checkups. Some circumstances under which we may use it include:

  • You have a severe toothache and may require root canal therapy. The CBCT scanner enables Dr. Weinman to anticipate what he will encounter while he is working in a tooth’s interior.
  • You are thinking about getting dental implants. The scan can tell Dr. Weinman whether you are a good candidate for this form of tooth replacement. It can also help him plan precisely where to place the implants.
  • You require another form of complex treatment. The scan can detect jaw tumors, help plan for surgical tooth extractions, and enable Dr. Weinman to pinpoint the source of dental pain.

Benefits of the Cone Beam Scanner

Dental patient enjoying high quality treatment thanks to CBCT scanner

Benefits of our CBCT scanner include:

  • Accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. It provides a high level of detail that goes far beyond what is provided by normal X-Rays.
  • The amount of radiation it exposes you to is about 10 times less than what is produced by a standard medical CT scan.
  • Dentists without an in-house CBCT machine must refer their patients to other practices for this type of scan. Our scanner saves you time and spares you from hassle.

Does Insurance Cover Cone Beam Imaging?

You will have to check your unique policy to see whether it covers CBCT imaging. Some dental plans have a provision for this type of scan, while others do not. A handful of medical policies might cover the scan if it is for a purpose that relates to your overall health as well as your oral health. For example, if a medical policy covers dental implant surgery, it might cover the scans that are a necessary part of the surgery planning process. Our team may be able to help you figure out how your dental and/or medical benefits apply.