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When Should Your Child Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

September 24, 2021

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3D render of an impacted wisdom tooth

If you had your wisdom teeth removed at some point in your life, you’re likely expecting the same for your child eventually. Of course, some obvious questions come to mind, not the least of which is, “When should it be done?” Having an idea of the proper age for wisdom teeth removal can give you an idea of when you might need to bring your child to the dentist for an evaluation. The following post covers some of the basics of wisdom teeth and when they might need to come out.

When Do Wisdom Teeth Appear?

The wisdom teeth normally start forming between the ages of 7 and 10, but it will take a while longer for them to actually erupt. The actual age where this occurs is different for everyone, but for most people it will be in the range of 15 and 25 years old. As such, the American Dental Association generally recommends that teenagers undergo regular wisdom teeth evaluations between the ages of 16 and 19 in order to determine whether an extraction is necessary. In short, there is no set age for removing wisdom teeth; the procedure is performed when it is deemed necessary.

Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed Right Away?

While it may make seem to make sense to have wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible, there are a few factors that need to be considered first. For one thing, not all wisdom teeth have to be removed; some are able to erupt safely in the mouth without affecting the other teeth and can be safely left alone. On the other hand, if the wisdom teeth have become impacted (trapped beneath the gumline) or are causing symptoms like severe oral pain, jaw damage, inflamed gums, and sinus issues, then they should be removed as soon as possible. During regular evaluations, your dentist can determine the likelihood of your child’s wisdom teeth causing problems in the future in order to determine whether or not an extraction needs to be performed in the near future.

What is the Process for Removing Wisdom Teeth?

In the event that your dentist does recommend wisdom tooth extraction for your child, they will numb their mouth before removing the gum tissue around the teeth in question. Any connective tissue between the tooth and bone will be removed as well. In order to take out the tooth, it may be necessary to divide it into several pieces first. The surgical site will then be sutured shut. The treatment usually won’t take more than an hour.

Knowing the right time to remove wisdom teeth can be tricky, but your child will be better off in the long run once the procedure is complete. Is your child approaching the age when wisdom teeth start to come in? Call their dentist today to learn more about the steps you should be taking and the symptoms you need to watch out for.

About the Author

Dr. David M. Weinman earned his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree at the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Connecticut. He furthered his training through a general practice residency at Newark Beth Israel Medical Centre, and eventually he decided Westfield would be the best place for him to offer patients his high-level dental care. If you want to schedule a wisdom tooth evaluation for your child, visit his website or call (908) 654-7200.

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